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Our History

History of Dynamic Martial Arts

August 16th 2005 the day we started

Tuesday August 16th 2005 at Orewa College was the first night of a martial arts club that has evolved into what is the current Dynamic Martial Arts.

On that night Nibun ITF Orewa College opened as a satellite Taekwon-Do club of Andrew Nivens Nibun ITF. With the huge assistance of Francis Fong and Royston Lim plus other black belts from Nibun, young 15 year old instructor Gary Sawyer took his first steps of becoming an instructor, backed by his father Dave Sawyer running the club.
On his 16th birthday Gary Sawyer was granted full instructor status by ITFNZ due to the success of our students.
Over the next few years, the club had great success in the ITF world, our students with Regional, National and Oceania level medals. Gary represented New Zealand for the 2nd time and our students were starting to want for competitions where they could be pushed outside of Taekwon-do.

2006 Nibun Freestyle

At this point in 2006 Nibun Freestyle Kickboxing was created as a squad lead by Dave Sawyer that would fight in WAKO NZ events. This became extremGary_kicking_2006_world_champely popular and soon saw great results for our club.

This also saw Gary Sawyer selected to compete for the WAKO New Zealand team which unfortunately at that time could not commit too as he was also selected to compete in the ITF Taekwon-do New Zealand team.

One of the highlights of that time was the WAKO Oceania champs where Kim Sawyer (Gary’s sister) won the Oceania Title on tatami, which was followed by Gary taking his division too. We had several other medal placings too. Nibun Freestyle continued to grow in strength in club numbers and tournament success.


In October 2008 our club took a big step forward, when Dave Sawyer was joined by Adriaan and his daughter Claudia Heijns, and opened its first full time centre in Silverdale. This was a big turning point as it moved our club from being just tatami based club to bringing in full contact ring sports. Over the next couple of years our successes grew with several of our students becoming NZ team representatives and belts in WAKO Fight nights were gained under Adriaan’s guidance. Also at this time Dave Sawyer decided to start a Youth Charity called The Chariot Trust along with Barry Wotten to help kids who had disengaged, this was hugely successful. From this another group of fighters emerged under Dave’s guidance.
Also in this period Gary Sawyer redeveloped the ITF Taekwon-do side of the club with the new name Dynamic Taekwon-do.


Between October 2010 and October 2011 there were massive upheavals for our club, Adriaan went to concentrate on National level with WAKO, which saw Simon Frost and Gary Sawyer take the helm of our club. We were outgrowing our current venue which was above shops and with more members we needed to move to somewhere where we could expand our hours. We decided to move to a venue in Curley Avenue. March 2011 Dave Sawyer’s newest son arrived 3 months early and was born with Cerebral Palsy whilst on a trip to Wellington, which diverted Dave’s attention away from our club. However as we went into winter of 2011 it was evident that this new venue was far from suitable to run a martial arts centre and along with other changes with Simon and Gary wanting to take time away, big changes were looming.


October 2011 Dynamic Martial Arts opened in our current location, Dave decided to merge the Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing groups into one. Dave decided to keep the Dynamic name as the other Nibun club had closed and this was a new era. Dave took over all training with around 15 students who had stayed with the club during the recent upheavals. December 2011 was a huge turning point in the history of Dynamic Martial Arts. Dave suffered a bad hand injury that lead to some major changes in his life along with having a child who they were told would need a wheel chair. Dave’s family life changed and Dynamic Martial Arts become his profession. You can find out more on Dave Sawyer on his personal site http://www.davesawyer.nz. Dave trained as a personal trainer and brought a whole new side to training that moved the club to a professionally run training centre. Over the next 18 months Dynamic Martial Arts grew substantially with more fitness orientated training and more fighters competing in Ringsports and getting great results under Gary renewed involvement in the club. We also started getting involved in new sanctions like IKBF along with our current WAKO events. One of our memorable nights was at an IKBF show where we fielded five fighters and a very memorable first fight by Marcus Heywood. We also saw more Dynamic students heading overseas to represent New Zealand.


2013. Along with several other clubs, most were either with WAKO or had left in the previous year for various reasons, a new organisation was formed with the massive help of Georgie Tutaki, Colin Rae and Maurice O’Conner to which membership of WKA (World Kickboxing Association) was granted with Dave Sawyer as the president for New Zealand. This heralded in massive changes that drove new events and revitalised Kickboxing at a national level. (More about WKA in New Zealand on http://www.wka.org.nz).
Also in 2013 we launched Fight Girls HBC, this was a unique show that came about from influences of show like The Ultimate Fighter, Fight Girls USA and other shows like this. But this was for local women. Along with this, Dynamic Martial Arts went to whole new level more classes coming online, new training centre added to take our venue to be the largest and best equipped on the Hibiscus Coast. Along with more fight nights and 2013 set up Dynamic Martial Arts for what it is today, a modern multi style Martial Arts club a hub of traditional and combat arts.


2014 saw more Martial Arts added to our schedule. With Team DS BJJ and Muay Thai with Marc Nienkemper. This gave Dynamic a new level of event that our students could take part in, with that we have had great success too. This also saw the arrival of our own ring, which pushed our own fight nights to become highly respected events under the WKA banner. 2014 also saw the first New Zealand team lead by Dynamic’s chief instructor Dave Sawyer. This was a massive success with our own students coming back with medal placings and some World Champions from the largest kickboxing and martial arts event in the world.


2015 saw a Dynamic Martials Arts shift to a whole level, Dave Sawyer took a step back and started to train instructors to take over roles inside the club. This also saw Marc take a firm lead over our fighters and guide them to success with more title belts added to our collection. We also saw Hapkido, Karate and Qi Kwan Do added to our schedule along with Hibiscus Coast Boxing’s Gareth Jenkins running sessions out of the Silverdale Training Centre.
2015 saw the opening of the first satellite club under Dave Sawyer open in Warkworth, this was after the trainings we run there during a Fight Girls program. Such was the call for us to go back we opened the Warkworth branch in August of 2015. Since then we have seen fighters getting great results from there.
2015 again saw a team of Dynamic fighters being a part of the New Zealand Kickboxing team to the Unified World Champs, this again saw great results and more World champs medals including another World Champion to our ranks.
This event also saw Dave Sawyer get involved with UFR (Universal Fighting Rule) and heavy involvement in a new organisation with new fight styles WTCO (World Traditional Combat Organisation) plus more involvement with WTKA (World Traditional Karate Association).
2015 also saw WKA New Zealand get an invitation to send a team to the North Americans, which is the largest Ringsports tournament event in the USA. Of which Dynamic Martial Arts will play a major part of.

The future

Our future. Dynamic Martial Arts is here to stay, we have had a massive 10 years and it looks like the next 10 years are going to surpass that. At a club level more opportunities for student to step up to instructor, growth and development of fight squads in both the Ringsports and Tatami arena. Development of new clubs and opportunities. Growth of our kid’s development programs along with new adult program that will challenge inside and outside of the training centre.